Frequently Asked Questions

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About hMael

Who uses hMael?
All health professionals and health related entities have access to hMael. Temporary restricted access can also be given to others e.g. patients as part of a supervised “Group” established by administrators.
How will hMael protect patient privacy?
One of the repeated instances of privacy breach in New Zealand has been sending emails to incorrect recipients. Because hMael is a closed system it is not possible to send messages outside of the hMael environment. This means that hMael will not usually be used for administrative or non-clinical purposes, and the pool of people using the system are limited to approved users.
How will hMael enhance clinical safety?
The hMael system is specifically designed for patient messaging safety, including the following features that ensure messages do not “fall through the cracks”.
  • Message status flag
  • Automatic status-receipt
  • Last activity date/time indicator
All messages sent through the hMael system have their status tracked centrally. hMael differentiates between messages that have been accessed (clicked on and displayed), and those that have explicitly been marked as read by the recipient. A message status is always visible for each recipient, functioning in a similar way to a normal email read-receipt.

hMael also tracks every time a user logs into the system. This information is available to all hMael users providing them with an insight into the likelihood of recipients being at work or on-leave.
How do I apply for an account?
Sign up here by first choosing a plan and then completing the sign up form. Once you have submitted your application your account request will be reviewed by an hMael administrator.
How do I know that my hMael messages are secure?
  1. The system is encrypted end-to-end using industry standard encryption
  2. All files are scanned file by file, including inside Zip files
  3. There are no cached copies of messages and files (everything is secured in the production hMael environment)
  4. All users are vetted to ensure only health practitioners, administrators or managers and health related entities have unrestricted access to hMael. Temporary and restricted access can be given to others e.g. patients as part of a supervised “Group” established by administrators.
Do I need special software to use hMael?
No. hMael is browser-based, so all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection.
Which operating system or browser should I use?
hMael will work on all operating systems and browsers, however we recommend using Google Chrome for the best user experience. You can download Google Chrome for free at

Pricing Plans

What are the differences between each plan?
Standard - Ideal for individual users that require a secure email service with basic functions at no cost.
Professional - For individual users who want greater messaging capabilities such as recall, export, folder management, and extra premium features e.g. live chat, additional storage, and email client integration.
Business - Designed for small to medium businesses or networks of 2-99 users. Have complete control of your organisation's users with administrator accounts, and create groups for isolated communication between specific users, including non-health sector professionals e.g. patients or social sector care supporters.
Enterprise - More cost-effective for larger organisations and networks of 100+ users. Custom functionality can be added to suit your requirements..
Can I change plans anytime?
Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime however you will not be refunded any unused portion of your subscription.

My Account

Why do I need to enter a referee?
To allow access to hMael we must contact a referee to confirm your professional role in the health sector. Your account will be terminated if your referee does not confirm your user details. Only health practitioners, administrators and managers working in health-related entities have unrestricted access to hMael to ensure user and patient information remains secure.
Why hasn’t my account registration been approved yet?
There are a few steps required before your hMael account can be approved. Firstly you will need to verify your email address is correct. After you submit your registration, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, your referee will be asked by email to confirm your user details. As soon as your referee has verified your information, our hMael administrators will review and process your application within 48 business hours.
How do I change my password?
If you know your current password, log in and go to My Profile > Change My Password, then enter a new password. If you have forgotten your password, from the login screen click on "Forgot password?". An email with a reset password link will be sent to you. Click on the link and enter a new password.


Can I recall a message?
Yes you can! With an hMael Premium licence you have the ability to recall a sent message. Recalled messages are immediately removed from the recipients inbox.
Why is the contact I’m looking for missing?
Only health practitioners, administrators or managers and health related entities have unrestricted access to hMael. If the contact you are looking for does not appear in your contacts, they have not yet created an hMael account.
You can invite them to create an account for free by visiting our website
Can I send documents and photos?
Yes. hMael allows you to attach files like regular email.