Secure email for health

Send sensitive patient information securely with hMael.

Why secure email?

Email is unsecure, but still the most popular way of exchanging unstructured digital information.

Every day in New Zealand thousands of unsecure emails containing sensitive patient information are shared between doctors, labs and other health providers. Most people assume and expect that their private information held by health providers is always protected and secure. While the New Zealand health system has secure ways of storing and exchanging some patient information, email is one of the health sector’s biggest cybersecurity and data security risks, due to the sheer number of health professionals using unsecure public, email systems.

Hackers and those looking to bring down IT systems of businesses and organisations target the weakest spot, which for most organisations is email. While there hasn’t been an example of a catastrophic IT breach in the New Zealand health sector, there are many international examples that demonstrate the destructive impact when it does happen.

Until now, there has been no practical alternative to unsecure email and faxes for health professionals to communicate about and exchange information outside of current patient information systems. hMael has been developed to close the current ‘gap’ in the secure exchange of emails between doctors, clinicians and labs in New Zealand.

Key features of hMael


Secure Messaging

Send and receive secure messages and attachments to and from others in the health sector.

User Directory

Reduces the risk of sending sensitive information to the wrong recipient.

Enhanced Security

SSL certified, security independently audited, anti-virus scanning of attachments.


Know exactly when your message has been opened or acknowledged and see when users were last online.


Works with your current email client (e.g. Outlook) and can integrate with other systems such as Concerto.

Platform Independent

hMael is a web-based platform supported on all major web browsers and operating systems, including mobile devices.

Group Management

Business and Enterprise administrators can create restricted user accounts for non-health sector professionals e.g. patients, and assign them to a restricted group for closed communication.

User Management

With a business or enterprise account, you can nominate administrators to manage users for your organisation and bulk upload user accounts.

Feature Rich

Premium features available at a low cost, including message recall, export, secure live chat, groups and much more.